Double Roller Blinds, Dual Roller Blinds Melbourne

Shades of Elegance, premium quality Dual Roller Blinds or Double Roller Blinds manufacturer in Melbourne. We will let you customize your window treatments, gives you shade control, privacy, and great visibility. Our Blinds Products can give you the best of both worlds and integrate a Light Filtering and Sunscreen Blind with a Blockout Blind on one inimitable collection.

Dual Roller Blinds Melbourne
Dual Roller Blinds  Wholesaler Melbourne
Dual Roller Blinds Manufacturer Kalkallo
Dual Roller Blinds Manufacturer Mernda
Day Night Dual Roller Blinds Melbourne

With Shades of Elegance, you can get the opportunity to choose the best Dual Roller Blinds Melbourne. We give you an option to customize your treatment for your windows, which gives you shade control, privacy and still the great visibility.

Among so many sunscreens and blockout fabrics to decide from, and with a wide range of colours for Dual Roller Blinds Melbourne, at Shades of Elegance we help you to fashion a unique and stylish window furnishing that will improve the attractiveness beyond everything and will enhance your dwelling.

With our Double or Dual Roller Blinds in Melbourne you can get privacy and control over heat during the day and night; With a unique grouping of Blockout and Sunfilter fabrics on a dual bracket, you avail the best of everything for your window. Each blind can be handled separately because of the provision of independent chains.

You can choose between one sided chain and oppositely situated chain. As you might be aware that Dual Roller Blinds Melbourne can take enough space than just one in your window frame so the bracket needs to be bigger than single blind bracket. Practically Dual Roller Blinds gives you complete coverage over your window by rolling them way if not in use. You can even get all the accessories and bottom rail with a matching attribute with our Dual Roller Blinds in Melbourne.

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