Blinds in Wollert

Wollert- a suburb of Melbourne, located 26kms away from Melbourne. Since the town is located near coastal area, frequent changes in weather is often seen. Maximum Temperature varies from 26’C to 13’C and day light per day varies from 14.5 hours/day to 9.5 hours/day during the year. Monthly rain fall varies from 43mm to 69mm during the year.

For such varying climatic conditions in Wollert, we at Shades of Elegance understand your requirement for controlling light, better.

We are experts in consulting, manufacturing and supplying customized roller blinds and plantation windows for your home or offices. Since we understand the climate conditions in Wollert, we would provide you the most suitable solution of roller blind for your location.

Our range of single and dual roller blinds and plantation window options are customizable according to your requirements. We provide season-proof roller blinds suitable to both summer as well as winter and you can adjust it as per your lighting requirement.

We provide customized Window Furnishing Products (Blinds, Roller Blinds, Plantation Shutters & Panel Glide Blinds) which have following advantages;

  • Unwanted noise control

    We make curtains with the quality material that absorbs noise very easily and thus provide you a peaceful atmosphere.

  • Temperature Control

    Our Single Roller Blinds and Dual Roller Binds are so well designed with transparent or semi -transparent or dark material that you have full control over managing the room temperature in all seasons.

  • Privacy as per requirement

    Curtains and Blinds can be customized to give you privacy as required in your rooms. You have also flexibility to change the level of privacy by selecting dark, semi-transparent or transparent material combined with single or dual roller blinds

  • Flexible approach

    At Shades of Elegance we adopt very flexible approach to ensure that we fulfill your requirement with the best of our efforts and expertise. Our design expert won’t leave any stone unturned to customize the window furnishing products to make it the best suited to your needs.

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