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Tarneit – a growing suburb of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia, 25 kms west of Melbourne’s Central Business District, recorded a population of 34,562 at the 2016 Census. Tarneit is mostly used as agricultural grazing land. However, this landscape has rapidly been changing due to the urban sprawl mainly coming from the community of nearby suburbs. Maximum Temperature varies from 26’C to 14’C and day light per day varies from 14.5 hours/day to 9.5 hours/day during the year. Monthly rain fall varies from 42mm to 53mm.

Considering the varying climatic conditions of Tarneit, Shades of Elegance bring you a series of window furnishing product to suit your requirement.

We have a team of specialist in consulting, manufacturing and supplying customized roller blinds and plantation windows. Understanding climate of Tarneit, we would be able to provide you the most suitable blind solution.

Our range of single and dual roller blinds and plantation window options are customizable according to your requirements. Moreover, they are suitable for both summer as well as winter. They can even adjust light entering into your room as per your requirement.

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Window Blinds Melbourne

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Custom-made Blinds in Tarneit

Our Window Furnishing Products like Blinds, Roller Blinds, Plantation Shutters & Panel Glide Blinds are custom made as per the specifications, design and material required by you. Each of our products have multiple benefits like:

  • They can block unpleasant sound

We provide curtains made with the best quality materials which can control sound by absorbing noise.

  • They can make your room temperature comfortable

Single Roller Blinds and Dual Roller Binds are so well designed and customizable that you can manage your room temperature in every season. Whether it is Summer or Winter they are designed to protect you from sunlight and keep you warm in chilly cold winds.

  • Provides Privacy

Our Curtains and Blinds are available in dark, semi-transparent and transparent material which can give you desired privacy in your rooms.

  • Flexible supplier

At Shades of Elegance, we have all the flexibility to design and customize the window furnishing products as per your requirements. Our design expert will visit your location and customize the design of roller blind which suits your windows and protect you against changing climatic conditions in Tarneit.

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