Why Choose Roller Blinds for Your Place

Window Blinds Melbourne

Improving the home decor is on your mind? Thinking about suitable window treatment? Then, roller blinds can be the solution. Versatile, attractive and functionally complete, roller blinds can be the perfect window treatment for your place. While offering you the much-needed privacy, they can add to the home decoration, manifold. Roller blinds not only bring color, texture, and meaning to the room but improves the aesthetic value.

Here Are Some Ideas to Choose Roller Blinds for Your Place

Window Blinds Melbourne

Expand Your Space:

Making the most of what little space you have is necessary to apartment living. Large curtains take up a lot of space with billowing material and lose tassels or cords. Roller blinds, on the other hand, fit easily into a window recess and sit flat with the wall, taking up no extra space. They can be modified easily and retract away into a clean, slimline construction.

Easy to Maintain:

Along with mixing absolutely in all room of your home, what makes roller blinds the most sought after is that they are easy to maintain. You just need a damp material to wipe it clean of stains and dust. It is for this purpose that roller blinds are ideal for the kitchen, bathroom and every other room of your house.

Modern Designs:

Like blinds, once it involves roller blinds you’ll be destroyed with choices. They come in different shades, prints, and designs, creating it simple for you to pick something, which goes absolutely well with the existing room furnishings. Extra, these roller shades work two directions. When closed, they not only block the sunshine absolutely but also add to the decoration value.

Easy to Apply Yourself:

Unlike different window covers, measuring up and fitting blinds in your home by yourself is very easy. This can be an excellent approach to save money and feel a way of achievement.

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Choose Wonderful Blinds for your office !


Picking the best blinds for your office condition requires careful arranging, as your office blinds will hugy affect your representatives. The correct blinds will enable workers to feel good during the day, which helps support efficiency and looks after resolve.

The significance Of Choosing The Right Blinds For Your Office ?

The wrong office blinds will cause disturbance all through the workplace, causing distress and diversion which will normally be negative to satisfaction and efficiency levels in the workplace.

To ensure that you find the right blinds for your office, it’s best to consult the experts. Shades of Elegance have over 20 years of experience in supplying office blinds to a range of clients in the Australia.

We give an thorough, customized administration to the greater part of our customers, working with you at all times site overview to the design, produce and establishment of your blinds.

Every office requires something else, and we help to your particular needs to help make your office as agreeable, useful and attractive as anyone might imagine.

From stylish single roller blinds, double roller blinds and more, you can rest guaranteed that you’re in safe hands when you pick commercial blinds at Shades of Elegance. We produce the majority of our blinds here in the Melbourne, utilizing the most elevated quality materials and parts, specifically designed to suit the requirements of your office.

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7 benefits of double roller blinds


Depending upon individual likes and preferences everyone selects different types of blinds for their homes. Every type has its own unique advantage(s) and hence preferred. While we talk about benefits or unique advantages, we just can’t overlook the advantages of double roller blinds. While one can figure out easily, but here they are put collectively so no advantage can go unnoticed and hence you can make informed choice for your windows and doors.

● Privacy with sound control:
Double roller blind offers you privacy and block the light completely when both the blinds are unfolded. Not only you can prevent the light, but noise and dust can not enter your room. Our curtains are made with the best quality materials which will control sound by absorbing noise. Thus, provides complete comfortable atmosphere in your room, no matter how scorching heat outside and dusty wind is blowing outside.

● Outside view and climate control:
If you wish to take a look at outside view, but do not want dust or noise to enter, you have the option available with double roller blinds. There are separate chains available to fold or unfold both the blinds. Hence you can fold the block-out blind and keep the semi-transparent bling unfolded. Now you can enjoy the view outside and no dust or noise can enter your room. No matter is Summer or Winter they can protect you from sunlight and keep you warm in chilly cold winds and thus offers control over climate.

● Elegant look:
You have wide choice of fabric material with different colors and shades. Moreover, we provide customized roller blind which can fit to your window/door and thus it does not have any other option but to look elegant.

● Easy handling:
The double roller blinds have two different chains to fold/unfold the two blinds. Thus, it is very much user friendly and they can adjust the blinds as they want very smoothly.

● Multiple looks:
With double roller blinds, you have the option to create different looks by different permutation and combinations of folding and unfolding one and another blind. You can choose to fold the block-out blind up to half and at the same time, keep the semi-transparent blind unfolded. This would allow required light to enter and also look good from inside the room.

● Customizable
Our double roller blinds are tailor made and customized as per your choice and requirement. So, remain worry-free about size and shape of your window/door.

● Sturdy structure:
The double roller blinds are made up of heavy duty components. Powder coated metal brackets and metal chains are available.

Choose the most suitable roller blind for your home


Decorating home is never tiresome and always a loved passion for many. When you reach a stage where you have to choose the most suitable roller blind for your windows and doors, you realize that there are so many available options like dual roller blind, single roller blind, panel glides blinds, Plantation shutter etc. and making a right choice is a difficult task!! But don’t worry! Shades of Elegance, Melbourne is always there to help you out!

Well, it is often seen that people struggle between what is right fit for their need and what appeals them most. People mostly end up with buying what appeals them most, which may prove to be a right choice for their need, but sometimes it’s not. To avoid such situation, you may like to go through the details below or you may even visit us to discuss and make your choice which is appealing as well as right for your needs! There are different types of blinds available in the market and their usefulness is shown below.

● Single roller blinds
Depending upon requirements, fabric type can be chosen e.g. Screen type, Block-out or Translucent. Single roller blind is most effective for small windows in Offices, studios and at your homes etc. Single roller has more control over movement of the blind and with block-out fabric, one can block the light completely.

● Double / Dual roller blinds
Double roller blinds or dual rollers blinds are made of two different fabric used with the same bracket. One them gem is generally semi-transparent and another one is darker, for complete blocking of light. Depending upon the requirements, one can use dark or semitransparent bling of double roller blind. This type of blinds is most suitable when there is requirement of different shades of lights at different times as well as when you want a partial view of outside as well. This type of shades is generally effective for larger windows or doors in large dinning hall, drawing room or living room. Also, this type of blinds is good fit for meeting rooms and big cabins in offices and individual deluxe rooms in hospitals and hotels/ resorts.

● Panel Blinds / Panel Glide Blinds
These are most suitable for even larger doors and windows, sliding or bi-fold doors, floor-to-ceiling windows and doors, room dividers. This is a modern alternative to traditional curtains and vertical blinds. Use this in a big hall as a divider and you can use air conditions as per your requirements in both compartments created by panel blinds !

● Plantation Shutters
Plantation shutters are the best option which gives you freedom to choose degree of light you want along with ventilation and cool breeze passing into your room. This looks very elegant when used for floor to roof doors or large windows. You get freedom to see outside view by opening it and create privacy by closing it. It provides modern look to your room as well as they are durable.